My Kindle Vella Story, Part 3 (Vella to Novel)

For many writers who used or heard of Kindle Vella in the Beta phase, the issue that stood out had to do with the rights of authors who wanted to take their completed work from the Kindle Vella platform and turn it into Ebook, paperback, and/or audiobooks.

Originally, the KV program was extremely strict about what could and could not be done with Kindle Vella materials.

From my understanding, as I write this post, things have changed (and may change more), to help out authors. As soon as a KV book is ten episodes in length, the author may take the book (ten chapters and beyond), and publish it on other platforms, given that the material is not given away for free.

I am currently in the process of taking my Kindle Vella novel Dark Blade: Forged and turning it into an eBook and paperback title (audio is still under consideration). I plan to release it in June and leave the original KV book in place on KV.

There is also an option for authors to request a book be taken off the KV platform, but I don’t have any desire to do that at this point. The KV version is still earning me some revenue and I do not see a need to give that up. If readers prefer that version, then I want to leave the option open.

Dark Blade: Forged book is getting another edit/proof, and I am using Atticus to format it for print and eBook. The debate of creating an audiobook shouldn’t be a debate, because I know audiobooks are awesome. The trouble is, I have yet to create one without a great deal of cost.

I’m reusing the image and design I used for the KV cover as the cover for the print and eBook formats, so all of them will tie together easily. Here is what I have so far:

This is the KV cover:

Here’s what I have for the eBook.

There are some slight differences, and I feel like I’m not done yet.

I could keep the square Kindle Vella cover image and add bands of black around it for the eBook and paperback, but I’m not sure I want to do that. I feel like it would take something away from it.

There is always some work to do.

If you have ideas for creating cost-effective audiobooks, let me know!

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