Non-fiction is a genre allowing for a wide realm of possibilities in writing, from essays and memoirs to opinion columns, research, and how-to articles and books. As a writer, I have had a chance to work in many of the areas non-fiction offers.

On this page, I have a sampling of short non-fiction work. In the pulldown menu, short work and longer works in non-fiction are categorized by project and area.

Foreshadowing, Symbolism, and the Payoff. IWSG Website. June 15, 2020.

“Just Take a Walk.” IWSG Newsletter. September 2019.

Friendly Competition, Fierce Rivalry define 40th Annual Ted Houk Regatta. Paddle Magazine. July 2018. 

Writing Joy and Writing Goals. Insecure Writer’s Support Group Newsletter. December 2018.

“Never a Day Without a Line” in the IWSG Newsletter. March 2016.  

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