As Rene Hawthorne

Rene Hawthorne is a name which I am using for particular projects:

  1. A sweet romantic shapeshifter fantasy with a Christian theme and an experimental viewpoint structure of second person point of view and first person point of view chapters.
  2. A potential series based in that same world.
  3. Potentially, a supernatural-paranormal, adventure suspense mashup that’s a bit like a Christian-themed version of Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, and Supernatural, but with a focus on environmental science, sisters searching for their mom, and not falling into cultural misappropriation. Can I pull it off? I don’t know yet. It’s in the early stages and may take me two to three years to write. I’m researching a lot for this.

Princess Erissa, half-dragon and half-human, can hear the harmony of truth and the disharmony of lies in others, but the hardest lie she may have to face is her own. Daniel, sent to assassinate the “curse” of the kingdom, falls in love when he gazes into her eyes. Instead of being the downfall of the realm, she might be the only one who can save it. The Dragon and The Ranger is uniquely shared in second and first person dual POV, and episodes will come out three times a week, MWF. Go Here for The Dragon and The Ranger.

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