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Tyrean Martinson

Imaginative Writer, Artist, Speaker, and Teacher


Tyrean writes fantasy, science fiction, and stories of action, adventure, and exploration. She also writes eclectic non-fiction, short stories, poetry, song lyrics, and devotionals. She mainly writes for young adult readers, but also writes for middle grade and adult readers. One day, she hopes to be wise enough and creative enough to create a picture book.

Tyrean is a speaker and podcaster for writing groups, writing conferences, and for her church, One Hope Church.

Tyrean holds a Bachelor’s in English Education from Western Washington University, with certificates to teach middle school and high school language arts, humanities, and history. She works as a writing tutor and teacher to public, private, and home educated middle school and high school students.

Official bios are subject to change, and often do, whenever she submits her work to any publication, but the following is the one she’s used most recently:

Tyrean Martinson is a word hunter and English Language Arts tutor and coach for students ages 12-92. She lives and writes on the Washington State Peninsula, enjoys a full family life, and likes to daydream about life in rocket boots or flying on griffins. She writes fantasy, science fiction, poems, short stories, and non-fiction articles for all ages.

About this Website and My Work:

If you like wide worlds of wonder, female characters who can pick up a sword or pilot a spaceship right alongside their male counterparts and enjoy faith in the underpinnings of world-building, you’re in the right place.

If you like writing, reading, adventuring via armchair or in the world, watching a movie with great action scenes, listening to music, or picking up a book of poetry or devotions, you might also like it here.

My working philosophy within my faith: Imagination, Faith, Hope, and Love are some of the greatest gifts we each have to give. Let’s share them freely.

God is my creator. He breathes life into me through his word, his salvation, and the Holy Spirit. I’m called to love like Jesus did, sacrificially. It’s not in my sinful nature to do that, but I ask God for help and live in His strength.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds…” Hebrews 10:24

Get in touch

Tyrean is available for teaching, speaking, and podcast engagements. She is also interested in collaborative writing work and freelance opportunities. Her first name is her birth name, not a pseudonym, and is pronounced “Tyreen”.

Please contact her via her writing email: tyreantigger@gmail.com or her teaching email: tyreanmartinson@gmail.com

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