The Champion Trilogy

The Champion Trilogy started my deep dive into The World of Aramatir.

While The Champion Trilogy does not include the first, full length book I wrote, it does include the first book I ever fully finished, polished, had edited, and self-published on purpose. The idea came to me in a dream, but the scene in that dream was edited and revised in the novel so that it is now completely different. The first draft of it was cut in half to create the second draft, and that draft was halved again. The draft I wrote for NaNoWriMo was the fourth draft. It reached seven drafts before I had it edited. By the time I was finished with it, I knew it was the first of a trilogy, and possibly the first in a world of stories. It has had a total of six covers, if I include a hand-drawn sketch by one of my daughters.

Champion in the Darkness

Enter Aramatir, a world of many kingdoms, where faith and magic war with one another.

What happens in such a world when the Champion doubts?

In the Kingdom of Septily, Clara has spent her entire life training to become a Sword Master. Still considered too young by many to receive a Sword of Power, and with it, the full title of Sword Master, Clara has passed her tests. The morning of her entrance into the Hall of Swords, she is kept waiting. A prophesy, long dormant, is bestowed upon her by Sword Master Dantor, her toughest teacher: she is to become the next Champion. But, to fulfill prophesy, she is kept out of the Hall of Swords and sent back to training.

Sword Scout Stelia has discovered the dark secret of the King’s Shadow Guard; they are Drinaii, the mercenary army indebted to the Dark Sisterhood of Sorceresses from the Southern Continent. Stelia, once a Drinaii Captain, fears her words will not be heard by the Sword Masters’ Council. She was once their enemy. Will they heed her warning?

In the nearby land of Aerland, the second prince of the realm, Adrian, has seen visions of the day he and his griffin partner Kryssander will save the next Champion. Are these visions true? And will he pay the price expected for someone he doesn’t know?

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Champion in Flight

A year after the Battle for Septily,
Aramatir is still in danger from the Dark Sisterhood.

Despite a foreboding about the Dark Sisterhood and the need to heal her Sword of Power, Clara has spent the last year in Septily trapped by the Allied Council’s good intentions. As the last piece of information about the legendary Healing Caves of Aerland fall into place, Clara realizes a dark presence follows her steps.

Meanwhile, in the joint kingdoms of Rrysorria and Wylandria, the youngest and cursed swan prince Liam despairs of being whole again. In a moment of anger and desperation, Liam tries to tear off the single wing he bears and discovers a dark truth.

With several countries vying for the attention of the new King of Septily, true allies are kept waiting in the halls of the palace, including Klyan, the twin brother of Kryssander of Aerland. Klyan needs to see this new Champion, because he doubts she’s worth the trouble she’s caused.

Clara has one choice, to stay in Septily or to take flight to find answers. Either way, she must discover a way to fight the nightmares that haunt her after the battle she thought she won against darkness.

Champion in Flight is the second book in The Champion Trilogy, A Christian Fantasy Series of Aramatir.

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Champion’s Destiny

The Battle

May Be Lost

Because of a Family Secret

With distracting attention from a former swan prince and her mentors both in harm’s way, will Clara be able to trust her team with her family secret as they race to fight the Dark Sisterhood on their terms?

Champion’s Destiny is the third book in The Champion Trilogy, a Christian Fantasy series with a strong female lead and engaging secondary characters.

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