Ashes Burn

The Ashes Burn Micro-Fiction Series is my idea of creative, experimental, fun writing.
Each “season” aired on a blog dedicated to the series called

In Ashes Burn, three characters build the flame of story in tidbits of hint to micro-length fiction, varying between 20 and 35 words in length.

Wend’s past is behind him, and he wants to keep it that way.
Teresa wants to find the man she loves, before those that hunt him track him to his death.
King Bryant simply wants the right of any king: complete control.

Ashes Burn is an epic fantasy tale told in bite-sized chapters.

I’ve broken the 210 episodes into seven seasons of 30 episodes each.

Ashes hold the inner heat of fire, the spark and ember of flame.

Like those, micro fiction holds the spark of a larger story that may grow inside the mind of a reader.

I’ve felt it happen when I’ve read these tiny bits of fiction, like the words of the comic books but with images from inside my head.

Consider each piece a frame of embers. Picture the story in your mind.

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