Imagination, Faith, Hope, and Love are some of the greatest gifts we each have to give. Let’s share them freely.

Tyrean Martinson

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If you like wide worlds of wonder, female characters who can pick up a sword or pilot a spaceship right alongside their male counterparts, and enjoy faith in the underpinnings of world-building, you’re in the right place.

If you like writing, reading, adventuring via armchair or in the world, watching a movie with great action scenes, listening to music, or picking up a book of poetry or devotions, you might also like it here.

Check out all there is to see via the links in my menu, or just check out my two main fiction series below: The Rayatana Series (current), and The World of Aramatir.

LIFTOFF: The Rayatana, Book 1 is available at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

A spaceship in disguise,
an Earth girl searching for a sense of home,
and a Thousand Years’ War between alien races,
collide on a summer afternoon.

NEXUS: The Rayatana, Book 2. Available at all bookstores and online platforms. Notably: Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09BMHPQ1X and Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/nexus-the-rayatana-book-2

Amaya is supposed to bring peace to the galaxy. Which is tough when she’s being held for crimes against the Neutral Zone. Her imprisonment is on her own ship with her own crew. But close quarters create tension.


Enter the world of Aramatir, which is the world of The Champion Trilogy, and the Dark Blade Kindle Vella Series.

In The Champion Trilogy, we meet Clara, a young woman destined to be the next Champion. In a world where faith matters, where the legends of Champions are embedded in the history and culture of many lands, what happens when a new Champion is unprepared, unlikely, and perhaps, even unwilling? Clara loves sword-fighting, but does she actually like war? Given that Champions arise when their land is in great need, where is the threat? Clara and her allies will uncover the secrets of an insidious power grab in her country and beyond in this fantasy trilogy which includes: sword-fighting, sorcery, faith, griffins, sea serpents, nagi, howlers (werewolves), and more. Multiple viewpoint characters share the story and women and men share both inner and physical strength in this trilogy. These books are available at most online retailers, including: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Champion in the Darkness: The Champion Trilogy, Book 1

Clara is younger than most trainees, but she is ready to hold a Sword Master’s blade. While visions and ancient prophecies stand in her way, they also offer a destiny unlike any other. Clara is aided by a haunted mentor, Stelia, whose knowledge of their enemy Kalidess is both a bane and a blessing. As evil threatens their land, Clara and Stelia must find the strength to overcome the darkness!

Champion in Flight: The Champion Trilogy, Book 2

A year after the Battle for Septily,
Aramatir is still in danger from the Dark Sisterhood.

Despite a foreboding about the Dark Sisterhood and the need to heal her Sword of Power, Clara has spent the last year in Septily trapped by the Allied Council’s good intentions. As the last piece of information about the legendary Healing Caves of Aerland fall into place, Clara realizes a dark presence follows her steps.

Champion’s Destiny: The Champion Trilogy, Book 3

Secrets kept may endanger the lives of Clara and everyone she loves as they approach a final battle with the Dark Sisterhood.

Months have passed since her last skirmish with the Dark Sisterhood, but Clara isn’t waiting for them to attack any longer. She, and all those with the Allied Council, have waited only to put their people in place before bringing the fight to the Dark Sisterhood. As Clara prepares to lead a strike team of allies into the heart of the Dark Sisterhood, she is burdened by a secret. Will her team follow her if they know the truth?

Dark Blade: Forged

Dark Blade: Forged is a Kindle Vella Series.

Dan Torren enters the Watch Guard for training, hoping to break away from his father’s expectations. Instead of freedom from politics, he gets saddled with Prince Alex who blames Dan for his “punishment.” With recruits from all over Aramatir, the Watch Guard has its own troubles, especially after Dan is claimed by the Dark Blade, an artifact and sword of power unlike any other in the history of Aramatir. Readers may recognize Dan as Dantor from The Champion Trilogy.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds…”

Hebrews 10:24