Writing Book Review: Your Writing Matters by Colleen M. Story

Photo of Your Writing Matters: How to Banish Self-Doubt, Trust Yourself, and Go the Distance by Colleen M. Story, and my current journal.

If you have ever doubted your call to be a writer, then I highly recommend reading this book. With gracious words, kind invitations to consider your own life, concise summaries of why writing matters to your health and mentality, and excellent exercises at the end of each chapter, Colleen M. Story truly delves into what it means to be a writer, how one can banish self-doubt, and what it takes to truly trust yourself and go the distance in this book.

I took my time with this one because the exercises grow in intensity near the end of the book. I think it is a worthwhile book to simply read, but I found a great deal of benefit in reading and doing the exercises.

Although when I started this book, I already had proclaimed I am a writer, by the end, I felt more firmly convicted of that truth. I am leaning into the confidence of who I am meant to be as a writer more and more these days, and this book helped me on my journey as an author.

To give you an idea of what this book covers, I’m going to share the Table of Contents with you.

While this book is for writers, I actually found the information in the “Writing to Heal” chapter to be information I hope to share with family members and friends who don’t consider themselves writers. I have thought that writing had health benefits, but this chapter gets detailed about those benefits.

So, even if you are not a writer, I recommend this book. It has great information, is motivating to read, and includes a combination of hard truths about writing and a way forward.

And now, I am going to start reading another book by Colleen M. Story. Check out her website here: https://colleenmstory.com/story/

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