Advent: Love

On the fourth Sunday of Advent, we celebrate the Love of God. We know how to love because He first loved us.

We know He loves us because Christ came to Earth to die for us. The teaching, the speaking, the living and loving as God-with-us was the icing for the faithful love of God who walked through the covenant promise twice instead of once with Abraham, who saved his people from slavery in Egypt, who spoke through the prophets, and who walked and talked with us in the garden before sin separated us from Him.

The love of God and His amazing grace is apparent throughout the old and new testaments. I’m thankful for the Pastors, speakers, teachers, and leaders who have helped me see the evidence for God’s love in detail. I’m thankful for God’s Word – which is a record of God’s love for humanity despite our stubbornness.

In addition to the Love of God for us, today, I celebrate the moments when God’s love has filled me up so much and I have the ability to love God in return, and to love others like He loves me, without feeling like it is a duty or “need.”

However, I also celebrate the days when it’s hard to love because I feel so stinking unlovable. Or, when I don’t feel it, but I have to reach for it, by studying scripture, through prayer, through worship music.

I know that’s a strange thing to be thankful for, but when I consider God’s love, when I remember who He is and what He’s done for me, I can come out of that kind of funk and get back to a heart filled and able to love.

So, maybe oddly, I am thankful for noticing the difference between my unlovable crankiness and the moments when I feel surrounded by God’s love. My strength is nothing compared to God’s strength, my love may fail, but His never fails.

How do you celebrate the goodness of God’s love for you and for all of humanity?

Are you ready to celebrate Immanuel on Christmas day?

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