Friday Fandom and a Few Musings

Ongoing Reading Challenge

I have a huge stack of library books which I am working my way through, but I haven’t finished many of them, and realized today that a few of them I probably won’t finish at all. This makes me sad, but also glad I found those books at the library.

What I have finished this week:

34. Miracles by C.S. Lewis. I read this non-fiction, Christian apologist book with some students in a homeschool cooperative class. We mined it for gems and quotes and enjoyed some of Lewis’ humor and sassy opinions as well as his thoughtful, logical argument for miracles and for faith.

35. Princess of Secrets (Fairy Tale Adventures, #2) by A.G. Marshall was a fun, adventurous, light-hearted YA romantic fantasy novel I had tucked away on my Kindle for a rainy day, and since it rained, I had reason to read it. 🙂 The romance is clean romance, and this adventurous retelling of The Frog Prince story had some wonderful, funny scenes.

36. Remade by Danielle Novotny was another book I had tucked away on my Kindle from a Christmas giveaway with a bunch of clean romance and Christian authors. This action-packed sci-fi adventure followed the main character through a fatal car accident into a new life after she’s been remade by an alien scientist who wants her to fight for the galaxy’s king. Seen as a freak by other soldiers, the main character hides her abilities and struggles with PTSD from her accident, finally finding a place in a special unit of soldiers led by a Captain who is kind of swoony… but this remains a clean, slowburn romance with all the action coming from the battle scenes. I really enjoyed the book and plan to read the sequel eventually.

37. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling has been a fun and enjoyable re-read. I’m honestly not sure how many times I’ve read this book. I’ve read it on my own at least four times now, read it out loud to my family, later listened to it on audiobook, and read it again. This time around, I read some chapters in my old, hardback copy that I’ve had for ages, and listened to some on audiobook. Jen Chandler invited readers to join her with reading this book and we’ll be starting the next soon. It’s a gentle sort of challenge, and Jen knows loads of Harry Potter lore, so check it out. We’re starting book 2 soon.

Musings and Stories

I haven’t listened to anything huge this week, or watched anything much other than a show I’m half-and-half about, so I thought I would share a bit about my current musings and a story podcast I’ve started.

I have been writing poetry off-and-on for many years, but lately, I’ve been writing a bit more, sending it out into the world via magazine submissions and on my Instagram page dedicated to poetry. Poetry captures my attention in a different way than fiction reading and writing. It feels both more challenging and more restful and rewarding.

I started a podcast at my Substack. I’ve thought about starting a podcast for years, have written lists about how it “should” be, and then when I finally started one, I just started it. I was tired of overthinking it and decided I would rather stumble to a start if that’s what it took to start. So, if you are interested hearing me work on my elocution/speaking skills and hear a few stories I’ve written, check it out.

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