Cover Reveal for Katherine Briggs!

I’m excited to join in the #coverreveal for The Eternity Gate by @katherinebriggs_author releasing from @enclavepublishing in September 2023! This first book in The Threshold Duology, a YA fantasy series, is available to preorder in hardcover today.

When I went to Realm Makers last summer, I was in an odd spot as an author. I had books out in the world, I was writing like mad, but I still felt a bit wonky and out of sorts going to a conference, filled with frizzy nerves.

Standing in line at the hotel check-in area, I met this warm, encouraging woman full of light and encouragement. Her name: Katherine Briggs.

So, of course, I’m helping her with her cover reveal and I will happily help her with any book campaigning she needs. She’s an awesome person, and I’m excited to read her book which will come out in September 2023!

Destroy the key. Save her people and herself.
The Eternity Gate is found, and kings and monsters battle over its legends of treasure. But rumors whisper that someone stole the gate’s ancient key.

Seyo, handmaiden to the princess, keeps three secrets. First, she’s gifted in fire, not light, and may as well be cursed. Second, she translates a prophecy warning that the gate does not offer treasure but judgment. Third, Jorai, the scorned prince and Seyo’s confidant, entrusts her with the key and disappears.

Surrounded by war, Seyo and her companions embark on a journey to seek help from a faraway empire and find Jorai, unaware of the trap awaiting them. But what should Seyo do with the key? Who can survive judgment, especially someone as flawed as her? Will hiding the key—or destroying it—save her people or ensure their defeat?

Pre-order Link at Amazon

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