End of the Month Monday

This isn’t one of my usual sorts of posts I’ve been working with the last few months. I wanted to take a moment and give thanks for all of January in my writing life.

I have had many extraordinary events take place with my writing this month.

I had a second-place award for my poem “Once Upon A Garden Green and Gold,” followed by a special recording of it, and with a special live recitation of it this weekend on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

I had two hint fiction stories get highlighted in Nail Polish Stories: A Tiny and Colorful Literary Journal.

I had my poem “Along the Edge” published in print by Third Wednesday.

I released 25 Impossible Tales of Survivors, Flawed Heroes, and Annoyed Villains: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection and received three reviews so far on Amazon.

Highlights from those reviews:

“…this was a great collection of scifi stories.” (Kathryn)

“This is an intriguing book of short stories.” (Jemi)

I’ve written onward on a Kindle Vella serialization (and more, under a pen name). I’ve brainstormed in a new story world. I’ve worked out some issues with a pesky novella I really want to finish soon, and I’ve read some wonderful books.

So, with all of these amazing, extraordinary events, I hope that the rest of 2023 will continue to be wonderful!

On Wednesday, I’ll be posting for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, and on Friday, I’ll post more on my reading challenge.

Also, if you are interested, my newsletter sign up is here. I gave a writing update last week. Next week, I’ll give a writing tip.

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