Word and Story Hunter: Celebration, Revelry, and Jubilee

I admit, I was at a loss for words this week, especially which word to pick for this post. And then, I went to the mailbox and found a special envelope containing a contributor copy of the Winter 2023 Edition of 3rd Wednesday, which made me think it might be a good day to discuss the word Celebration.

Celebration is the act of marking one’s pleasure, gladness, or joy at an important event or occasion with a special, typically social, activity. (Oxford Languages.)

Hmm. I wasn’t sure that was the right word. Did I do a special, typically social, activity to celebrate the publication?

Ummm, no. I did create a video I shared on IG with my hair mussed up (needs a trim), wearing a sweatshirt, in front of a sunset I could see from my deck. Does that count?

Kind of, yes, I think.

I didn’t quite go for full revelry, a synonym for celebration which means a lively and noisy festivity. I smiled a lot in the video, and I spoke, but I can’t say it was particularly lively or noisy, and festive.

Hmm. Maybe I need to study the art of celebrating a bit more? It could be a fun sort of study, right?

Another synonym for celebration is jubilee, but since jubilee means to celebrate an anniversary, I don’t think it fits.

But the words for celebration, and other synonyms, had me thinking: Do I really celebrate things? I mean, actually celebrate? Do you celebrate? If we don’t, I think we need to start.

I think celebration takes a kind of courage.

Maybe that sounds strange, but I have fallen into the strange way of thinking of celebrations as some kind of “brag” fest or prideful thing, which is wrong-headed thinking.

Celebrations are about gladness, happiness, joy, and thanksgiving. So, today, I’m celebrating.

My celebration might be smallish, because I’m not feeling the need/want for a noisy, merrymaking event, but I am celebrating.

And, I have much to celebrate.

I’m celebrating:

  1. A poem published in 3rd Wednesday’s Winter 2023 print edition. You can find it at Amazon.
  2. Two hint fiction stories which made it into the 2022 Best of Nail Polish Stories: A Tiny and Colorful Literary Journal publication.
  3. 25 Impossible Tales of Survivors, Flawed Heroes, and Annoyed Villains. Yes, this already happened, but I’m still celebrating. I think celebrations can last a while. 🙂
  4. Getting some good news about health stuff from a doctor. (I can start physical therapy soon for an injury from last fall.)

What are you celebrating today? What kinds of celebrations do you have? And do you celebrate both the small and the big wins?

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