IWSG January 2023: Words of the Year and Book Celebration!

IWSG: Words of the Year

Many thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh and all the co-hosts this month: Jemima Pett, Debs Carey, Kim Lajevardi, Sarah Foster, Natalie Aguirre, and T. Powell Coltrin!

January 4 question – Do you have a word of the year? Is there one word that sums up what you need to work on or change in the coming year?

So, if you’ve been here before, you know I have a hard time picking just one when it comes to favorite books, favorite anything, and a single word for the year, so I usually pick a phrase, or a combination of words.

In 2019, my phrase was: Small Steps.

In 2020, it was: Creative Confidence and 6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast

In 2021, my phrase was: I have an invitation and a choice to experience healing and to help others heal.

2022 was: Wellness, Creativity, and Courage – not necessarily in that order.

For 2023, my phrase is: Courageous quests, healing, compassion, and creative entrepreneurship.

You might notice some repeat themes there. 🙂

In fact, it is in many ways, a culmination of all the other years rolled into one phrase. 

It’s taken me a while, but I think I’m beginning to notice which themes are important to me in my life and in my life’s work. 

However, themes that aren’t mentioned here are: hope, justice, and just mercy. These also show up in my work. Hope for a righting of brokenness, which is a different type of healing for the world, and which I believe also takes courage, compassion, and creative thinking. 

If you like these themes, consider checking out some of my work.

Book Celebration

I have a tough time remembering to celebrate the finish of my books. I’m not talking about Book Blasts and Book Blog Tours. Those are celebratory, yes, but they are also hard marketing work.

I mean, a true celebration of work being finished including friends, family, feasting, and fun. 

While I know short story collections often don’t do well in the world of analytics, I am thankful for the stories in my new collection and proud of putting it together. So, I am celebrating this week with a dinner, a gathering, and some fun. 

If you would like to help me promote my book, that would be an awesome bonus. 

Instead, if you would like to help, please consider the following tweet and image, choose what you would like from there, and tag me in anything you send out into the world. 


Escape to strange landscapes and new worlds! 25 Impossible Tales of Survivors, Flawed Heroes, and Annoyed Villains: A Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy by @tyreanmartinson will take you to 25 new places! #scifi #fantasy #shortstories https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BGT65CMF 

Escape to 25 New Worlds!

In 25 Impossible Tales of Survivors, Flawed Heroes, and Annoyed Villains, you can escape to 25 different landscapes in fantasy and science fiction! Find out more HERE.

For the next book I publish, I’ll do the big ask for promo help, but for now, I’m happy to simply celebrate. BTW, the next book will be coming out this year… but not yet. 

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