Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays (Holy Days) to you and yours!

In my recent newsletter, I sent out links to various places for inspirational messages and offered up a bit about Booksprout.

I don’t want to repeat myself too much here at my website, but I would like to say:

I hope you have hope this season. I hope you know joy. I hope you have peace and comfort, great books, and wonderful people in your life.

I hope you know Christ as your Savior – not because I want to be aggressive or rude or overbearing with my faith, but because I believe Jesus is the best way to have peace, hope, joy, and comfort.

If you are wondering what that’s all about, I will add four links here that I added to my newsletter. They are the Advent Series links from my church – a multi-denominational church.

Advent: Writing the Script

Advent: Casting the Characters

Advent: The Dress Rehearsal (I gave the message that Sunday.)

Advent: The Mary Miracle

Merry Christmas to all! And Happy New Year!

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