Speculative Fiction Fridays, Current Series: The Phoenix


The phoenix is a mythical bird that emerges from its ashes to renew itself.

Over the centuries, phoenixes have been said to have varying life cycles, from as long as 1500 years to as short as a single day, depending on the story. Some legends say it dies in a show of flames, others say it dies and decomposes before being born again in flames.

The phoenix is associated with the sun, regeneration, fire, and new birth, and has been used as a symbol for many cultures and many belief systems.

The phoenix is depicted as a slender-necked bird, similar in size to a large eagle, although some stories depict phoenixes as large as an ostrich or as small as a rooster. They are often depicted with either a halo around their heads, seven rays around their heads, or a crest of feathers on its head. The phoenix was always believed to be colorful and vibrant but became associated with specific colors over time. Some legends state it had peacock-like feathers. Some believed it was red and yellow in coloration, some believed purples. Some believed it had red legs and yellow eyes, while others said the eyes were blue like sapphires. Some said it had rose-colored talons.

Next week on Friday, I’ll be discussing the origins of the phoenix as a fantastical and mythological bird. Over the course of December, I’ll focus on the phoenix, but in January, I’ll be focused on the griffin/gryphon with some quotes from my fantasy books set in the World of Aramatir.

What are some of your favorite creatures from fantasy worlds? Please drop a comment and let me know. I’ll be working on covering a variety of fantasy creatures over the next several months on Fridays.

Also, I have two upcoming events I would like to invite you to, although two of them are definitely “local” to where I live.

WRITING SHORT STORIES WEEKLY is a continuing education class at Tacoma Community College’s Gig Harbor Campus. Registration is happening now!

The 2023 New Year’s Kickoff Blitz with several authors online. More information coming soon.

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