The “Secret” Garden Project

I have a new five-year goal, and the library books below (seen in my newsletter) represent the research I’m doing for a “secret” project which I plan to start releasing in late 2024 or early 2025. 

The series will involve: two sisters as main characters, adventures, travel, herbariums, the language of flowers, and some clean romance. 

Each book will be a standalone book with several overarching elements for the whole series, including recurring protagonists and antagonists, but the goal is to have each book be readable as a standalone, without having to go back and read earlier books in the series to understand the adventure within each book.

Imagine Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, or even Supernatural (but less scary) with two sisters searching for someone they’ve lost and finding themselves in a number of scrapes along the way, but also reconnecting after many years apart. 

I will be posting excerpts in my newsletter, or here on my blog on a page only accessible to newsletter subscribers.

While I know this is a way out, this page is my way of creating accountability for a project that is currently all about joy, like it is a joy to write each chapter, and it’s honestly the most fun I’ve had so far in my writing journey. I hope when it is completed, everyone who reads it will enjoy it, too.

The working title ideas for the entire series are: The Garden Society OR Daughters of Eden.

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