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All characters in this book are entirely fictional.

By Tyrean Martinson

Greeted by Derby’s blond flagging tail and happy bark, I flop into an armchair in Deidre’s book room and wait for her.

Derby pushes the cushioned stool over so he can get closer to me, and I sink my cold fingers into his curly fur. With my limited powers, I can sense worry from Derby, but I don’t know why he’s worried. He warms to my inner presence, like he always does, but this time he’s seeking comfort.

Deidre enters, her hair falling softly around her face, her gorgeous figure nearly swamped by a huge gray sweater. She carries two mugs of steaming coffee and I take one.

My fingers warm on the ceramic cup and I smile softly. “What’s up, D?”

She sits at the edge of her armchair, puts the cup down on the side table, and gazes down at the floor. I can tell she’s unhappy, but as a straight male friend to a gorgeous, unavailable woman, I keep to my own chair, wait for her to say something, try not to pry. I am trying so hard, hiding my own baggage, I am focusing on my own reactions instead of her.

Sensing her discomfort, Derby goes over to her and sticks his nose into her hands.
She pets him absent-mindedly, and his tail stops wagging. A tear trickles down her cheek, and I can’t help but notice —

“Deidre?” My cup clatters against the table. There is something dark around her, dragging her down. My abilities are just enough to cause me problems, not actually solve anything.

“I need you to take Derby.”


“I have stage four Cancer. Michael left me yesterday when he found out, and my sister doesn’t like dogs, or books. Can you take them, Derby and all of the books?” She digs her fingers into Derby’s fur and hugs him close to her.

I forget everything about maintaining my distance, leap from my chair, and crouch down by her, hugging her shoulders. “Isn’t there a treatment? Haven’t they found something with all the research and the funding drives?”

“They gave me six months,” she sobs into Derby’s fur, and I cry into her hair.

“Michael’s an ass.” The words are out before I can stop them.

She laughs. Her arms wind around me, and she buries her face in my chest.

The warmth runs through my body, and I hold her close for a moment and then let her go. I’m always letting go. She can’t know what I really am. No one can.

“Thanks, Q.” She grabs my hands. “I knew I could count on you.”

I try to smile, but tears run down my cheeks. “I wish . . .”

“I know,” she says, and she brushes the tears off my stubbly cheeks.

Her trembling hands feel like butterfly kisses on my skin. I close my eyes, wishing again.

Derby pushes his nose into my chest, sticks his front paws on my legs, his wish clear, and suddenly, Deidre and I are laughing together.

We break apart slightly, but I hold Deidre’s hand.

She holds mine back. “I think our coffee’s gone cold.”

“Do you want to grab mochas at Joey’s instead?” Joey’s Mug of Beans is our old favorite haunt, and they allow dogs to sit in their “furry friend” section.

“Sure,” she says. “Let me grab Derby’s leash.”

Derby leaps to his feet and runs to the door.

“I think he’s ready.”

“He’s always so full of life and I love that. I wish . . .”

“I know,” I say to her, and I add my wish to hers.

That makes four wishes in an hour, and I feel a thrum in my bones. Will my meager powers be enough to heal her? My great-grandmother’s powers flicker within me erratically. With Deidre’s hand in mine, I dig deep into the flicker, feeling it burn inside me with unspoken need. It might burn me through, or it might be enough. My tiny bit of magic must be good for something, other than the tiny wings that lay trapped against my back.

I feel Deidre’s hand grown warm, see a small glow wash over her, and I smile even as exhaustion seeps into me, bone deep. “Let’s fill our mugs with chocolate wishes and hope.”

She kisses my cheek and my bones warm again. Could it be that power given can return?

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