A Personal Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Month

I decided, late in March, to take on a personal poetry challenge for National Poetry Month: to write one poem a day, and no matter how good or bad it was, I would share it on my IG poetry page. Ten days into the month, and I feel pretty good.

True, not every poem has been good, but I am thankful for what I’ve written. I’m going to keep going for the month of April. Plus, I am making some plans for what is coming next here on my website and on Substack.

For now, here are the poems I’ve written for April 2023:

Do you write poetry?

Would you like to join me in writing poetry?

2 thoughts on “A Personal Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Month

  1. I’ve enjoyed your poems. The imagery is always thought provoking and reflective. And it’s a very brave thing to post them every day ESPECIALLY when you aren’t completely satisfied with them. I need to get back to writing my poetry. I enjoyed posting it. It was an interesting experiment in stretching myself with words.


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